Upcoming In Bloom Tour 21-22

Same Weekend
New Experience

DM Dashboard is our new all-in-one resource providing easy access to our live events. From live streaming competition, classes, and awards to event schedules, winners and more!

Dashboard Features

Use the device of your choice to watch live competition, DM Digital classes, virtual award ceremonies, and our virtual Wrap It! LIVE. Or quickly check your convention and competition schedules and view scholarship and competition winners. New cities will be added to DM Dashboard 10 days prior to the event.

Live Competition
We are very excited to be streaming competition live this year.
DM Digital
This new program will give dancers access to our LIVE in-person classes from the safety of their hotel room or home. Learn more
Event Schedules
Quickly find your class and competition schedules throughout the weekend.
Award Ceremonies
This year all award ceremonies will be streamed live.
Wrap-It! LIVE
This year we will be streaming our Wrap-It Ceremony and you can watch live or on-demand.
Adjudication winners will be listed within the competition order. All other winners will be posted in the results section Monday post-event.
Get answers to some of our frequently asked questions.
Offline Mode
Load your city once and have access to all schedules even when you are offline.